High-net-worth clients require advice that spans several generations. To get this big picture view, we offer a team of professionals handling various aspects of a family’s financial, legal and business affairs. Through our uniquely qualified team of advisors, we offer strategic planning to solve complex issues while helping preserve your legacy and your wealth. 



In retirement, most people have a reduced income since they are no longer working. Our strategic planning process works with you to help prepare for a comfortable and sustainable retirement. 



Our strategic planning process works to help your estate plan achieves your desired distribution of wealth in many forms a tax efficient manner. 



Succession plans clearly outline who will take over your family business or estate and are an integral part of any financial strategic planning model. Our team includes certified Family Enterprise Advisors (FEA) who facilitate family conversations about the future of your business while aiming to protect family harmony.  




Preservation of your legacy and wealth across generations is at the core of our values and how we manage your wealth and your financial security plans. Protecting family harmony while ensuring tax efficient wealth, business and estate transfers, and effective stewardship by the next generation are key components of your legacy plan. For many clients, a giving strategy is also a core component of their legacy.




Philanthropy is often one of the largest aspects of leaving a legacy. We work with you to develop a tax efficient giving strategy that aligns with the values and philanthropic activities that will continue to leave a positive impact in your community. Working with your family and your advisory team to identify priorities and activities can help strengthen family bonds and help to spark your family’s interest in charitable activities. 



Financial stewardship across generations is critical to the preservation of your legacy. Allowing us to help educate your family will enable them to make better decisions. 




Our goal is to help ensure your family can grow and preserve your wealth and your legacy. We believe in working with your family to establish governance of your estate and your family’s on-going communication plans with one another.